Abus Padlock Bypass Driver

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The Abus padlock driver is designed to bypass the very popular Abus 72/40 Padlocks. The Abus models are often copied and duplicated by other manufactures. This further increases the impact of the By-Pass Driver as it will also open these cloned designs. This Bypass driver works because the lock does not has an effective barrier (Wafer) to prevent the tool from engaging the inner workings of the lock. The Driver slides through the keyway and with a turn the shackle opens, it’s just like using a key.

To effectively use the Bypass driver insert its golf head up into the lock under the pins all the way to the back of the padlock. At the back of the lock the driver head needs to be worked into position. Unlike the American Lock padlock bypass driver, the Abus model need to be gently pressed a bit deeper into the lock with a slight back and forth wiggle.  When it is properly seated gently turn the handle and open the lock.

The keyway for Abus locks is narrow so the tool also has to be a bit thinner - proper technique is important so that the tool is not damaged during use

This bypass driver is made with all steel components that have been polished smooth featuring permanent thermo plastic handles.  Made in Canada.