Air Canister Nozzle Head

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For some time now, penetration testers have been making entry into buildings via bypassing of Electronic Physical Access Control System (E-PACS) doors by triggering Request-to-Exit (REX) sensors.  These sensors, located on the inside of such doors, are typically configured to detect motion by means of monitoring the infrared spectrum.  Thus, large objects that are either warmer or colder than the ambient temperature typically will trigger the REX sensor and often release the locked door.

Often, penetration testers will use canned air products such as spray duster (containing Difluoroethane) or r134a refrigerant (containing Tetrafluoroethane) to create a cloud of cold gas which can trigger these sensors.  Typically, however, canned air products of this nature are bulky and not easily concealed within a pocket or the palm of one's hand.

But our Air Canister Nozzle Head is designed to accept small screw-top air tanks and canisters of the sub-100 gram variety that are popular in many civilian applications.  From CO2 gas canisters used in brewing and airsoft sport to marine air horn refills, this nozzel head can adapt those cans and offer the user push-button release of the gas within.  Hold the canister upside-down to release pure liquid propellant out of our nozzle adapter such that it will boil off in the atmosphere, creating the desired cold air effect.

NOTE: Not all gasses will produce the same type of cold air release.  Carbon Dioxide, while cheap and abundant, will create a smaller cold gas cloud which will dissepate quickly.  Green gas, Difluoroethane, and Tetrafluoroethane all tend to release thicker clouds of condensate, albeit at somewhat greater cost and the gasses themselves are not as stable as CO2.

Red Team Tools does not directly stock these gas canisters at this time, due to shipping restrictions, but 20g CO2 canisters are available from other major retailers online.  In future, Red Team Tools may offer similar products at a price that is competitive with Amazon, but at this time we encourage our customers to puchase their propellant refills there or at specialty retailers.

Our Air Canister Nozzle Head is packaged with a compatible needle adapter which assists in directing gas through small cracks and door jambs.  Users are encouraged to modify these needles as they see fit for their particular application.  Many entry technicians opt to use Dremel cutters or side cutters to remove the tip of these needles for a more direct, forward-facing gas output port.  These needles can also allow for the installation of a small length of narrow tube.

Accessories such as needle adapters and straw extensions should be considered consumable items and replaced from time to time, as they may easily become damaged during insertion into tight spaces.