Chameleon Tiny Pro

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The Chameleon Tiny Pro is a pocket friendly powerful NFC emulation & manipulation tool which is based on the open-source project ChameleonMini. It can create clones of various existing commercial smart cards, including cryptographic function and UID Changeable functions. The genesis of the Chameleon Tiny is to be a smaller Chameleon Mini and to be more end-consumer friendly. The Pro version adds Bluetooth connectivity for quicker interaction via the Android application.

UPDATE: iPhone users, you can get in on the fun now, too!  RFID hacking community member Eric B wrote an iOS app for the Chameleon Tiny:


  • Firmware support for ISO14443A Codec (emulation and reader)
  • Firmware support for Mifare Classic 1K and 4K emulation (4 and 7-byte UID)
  • Firmware support for Mifare Ultralight emulation
  • Hardware support for ASK and BPSK load modulation using a subcarrier
  • Modular firmware structure allows for easy expandability of other cards and standards
  • Up to eight virtualized cards with a size of up to 8 kB per card can be stored in the non-volatile memory
  • UID of ISO14443A cards can be obtained easily in reader mode
  • Bluetooth NRF52832 chipset
  • ChameleonTiny can be interfaced with the custom Android application or standard terminal software as well as user written scripts and applications via USB Type-C cable or Bluetooth



ChameleonMini GitHub code:

Android Application: