Cross Lock Pick - 6.5mm

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While cross (a.k.a. cruciform) locks may not be the most common here in North America, they do appear from time to time.  One of the most typical places they are encountered tend to be the override lock on many hospitality safes in hotel rooms, as showcased in this video featuring Deviant and Babak... 

And elsewhere in the world cross locks are very popular, appearing frequently in Asia, South America, and many parts of Europe.  While cruciform jigglers (the classic "blue head" key) can often open such locks, a proper cross pick tends to be more effective.

Red Team Tools stocks multiple sizes of cross pick.  Select the one(s) you think you'll need depending on the locks you may encounter.  Many cruciform padlocks feature a small size (6.0mm) keyway.  Most hotel safes use a medium size (6.5mm) keyway.  In regions where cross keys are used on doors to buildings, sometimes these have large size (7.0mm) keyways.