Lockout Key, Schlage keyway

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Cut on the SC19 key, it works for the following Schlage keyways:

  • Schlage C - 1145 / SC1, A1145 / SC4
  • Schlage E - 1145E / SC8, A1145E / SC9
  • Schlage F - 1145F / SC7, A1145F / SC10
  • Schlage G - 1145FG, A1145FG
  • Multi-Section 1145CE, A1145CE
  • Multi-Section 1145EF, A1145EF
  • Multi-Section 1145G , A1145G
How it works:
  • Insert the bottom part into the.  It will become trapped and prevent the insertion of keys into the lock.
  • To remove, insert the top part into the lock then pull both pieces out at the same time.
Deviant has a video showcasing how these keys work and how you can remove them with extractor tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzfsPkZMR1A