REX Blaster Nozzle - Gen 2 Upgrade Kit

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For some time now, penetration testers have been making entry into buildings via bypassing of Electronic Physical Access Control System (E-PACS) doors by triggering Request-to-Exit (REX) sensors. The Red Team Tools Air Canister Nozzle Head is designed to accept small screw-top air tanks and canisters of the sub-100 gram variety that are popular in many civilian applications. 

We used to package our Air Canister Nozzle Head with a small needle adapter to mount and direct spray straws, however our new Mark Two variant of the Air Canister Nozzle Head includes a custom fit cover designed to hold the gas straws in a more robust and secure manner.  The Mark Two cover also shields the release button on the Air Nozzle to prevent accidental discharge of the compresed gas.

If you are purchasing a brand new Air Canister Nozzle Head from Red Team Tools, you do not need the item in this listing.  All new Air Canister Nozzle Heads sold on Red Team Tools are now the Mark Two and already include these parts.  But if you are a previous customer who already owns one of our Air Canister Nozzle Heads from the original release, the item listing on this page will allow you to upgrade to the Mark Two style.