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Red Team Tools is owned and operated by The Consulting, Operations, Research, and Engineering Group Inc. ("The CORE Group"), a Virginia based company with offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Virginia, and headquarters in Las Vegas, NV. Red Team Tools (RTT) develops, assembles, and sells high quality and reliable tools for security and protection professionals, first responders, and government entities. RTT and The CORE Group conduct significant amounts of Research & Development of new tools, exploits, and methods to aid in access to containers, sites, and systems. As such, some of the products, exploits, and research are restricted from public access, with some even restricted from public view. If you are a security professional, government employee, or first responder that intends to use these tools for official use, please complete the below form. Note that by submitting the form, you give The CORE Group the right to confirm your employment, run your name through a background database search, and otherwise take steps to affirmatively confirm your reason for requesting access, while also checking for disqualifying factors such as certain criminal charges/convictions, negative news, or other adverse information. Simply put, we want to spend a few minutes to confirm that you are who you say you are, that we can trust these tools (and relevant information/research) will not be misused, and that you using your access to restricted content to improve safety and security.   

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