Devious Decoder Card - North American Version

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New for 2023: Our DDC cards are now manufactured out of Stainless Steel and laser-etched to increase durability and precision!

There are a number of products on the market that act as measuring gauges for keys.  A few locksmithing supply sites even offer similar tools which are designed to assist someone in measuring pins.  However, until now, no single package product has been offered which allows the user to measure both keys and pins.

The Devious Decoder Card features a series of stair-step type cutouts which can accommodate both key blades as well as lock pins.  The card allows a user to measure the bitting cut depths on a key blade as well as measuring key pins or mastering pins from within a lock itself.

The DDC is ISO/IEC 7810 identification card sized (that is standard credit card sized at 3⅜" × 2⅛") for easy carry within a wallet or tool kit.  The card is made of robust thermoset resin plastic and all apertures are lined with non-ferrous metallic coating for maximum wear resistance with no magnetic signature.

Designed for the North American market, this DDC has measurement tools for Schlage, Kwikset, Master Lock, and American Lock product lines.  (This is partially feasible due to the fact that Master Lock and American Lock products use the same key pins and mastering pins -- albeit with different numerical designations -- so two of the cutout gauges on the card can measure either product line's pins.)

This card is the product of over a year of research, development, and testing.  We at Red Team Tools are very pleased to finally be able to offer this tool to the public.

The Red Team Tools Devious Decoder Card is made in America.