Quick-Connect Tubular Lockpick

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UPDATE: All tubular picks sold by Red Team Tools now include one of our custom tubular bitting decoder tools, included free.

This is one of the finest tubular picking tools it has ever been our pleasure to use. Not only is the whole unit constructed out of metal parts, but the picking head features a unique “7-pin to 8-pin convertible” feature. It’s like having two tools in one!

A number of suppliers offer this specific tool, which is manufactured in the United States by Hard Case / Southen Specialties... but Red Team Tools brings a new innovation with our pick featuring 1/4" hex flats and a scalloped cut on the tail end of the main shaft.  This allows our tool to be connected into any popular quick-connect bit holder on the market.  The included spare o-rings allow for a snug and secure fit in a wide variety of bit holders from many vendors.

Bit holder seen in photos here is included.  This tubular pick no longer ships with the conventional black handle seen in the parts diagram.

By making our pick compatible with quick-change bit holders, you the Red Team Tools tubular pick is smaller than almost any others on the market today while also being more versatile and more comfortable to use.  This pick also comes with a full service kit and spare parts supplies in order to keep working for you well into the future.

UPDATE: the Red Team Tools tubular picks now all include a tubular decoder, as well, so that you can take readings from the tip of your pick after successfully opening a lock.  Knowing the bitting values will allow you to restore your pick to that same configuration at a later date if you return to that same lock and it will also allow you to code-cut a replacement key using something like a pocket tubular keymaking tool.

Quick-Connect Tubular Lockpicks now ship assembled. The very first run of these picks shipped disassembled, but assembly takes only one or two minutes and typically reqires no special tools.  A video documenting the assembly instructions can be seen here... youtube.com/watch?v=XWxZBMbCvhs  ...and subsequent production runs of these should come assembled and ready to install in a quick-connect bit handle.  Our tubular picks no longer include the conventional black set screw style handle seen on previous generations of this tool and this video seen here discusses installation of that handle with the assistance of a little bit of heat shrink... youtube.com/watch?v=lczv3yuF7lc



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    good looking and useful

    Posted by Stephen Franklin on Apr 12th 2023

    My only disappointment is it came fully assembled and I didn't have the joy of putting it together.