Covert Comb Picks (pair)

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Comb picks are bypass tools used to over-lift all the pins (both key pins and driver pins) in each stack up beyond the edge of the plug.  This should not be possible in well-designed locks, but many padlocks on the market today are surprisingly vulnerable to this attack.  The Master 140-series and 150-series padlocks are almost universally susceptible.  So are the generic 40mm and 50mm padlocks, some are even produced by popular and widespread brands such as Master Lock, Abus, and Brinks. 

As great a tactic as comb-picking is, many folk were dissatisfied with the existing comb pick tools on the market today.  Deviant created this new design, which puts the most useful comb tools (4-pin & 5-pin small format) into your hands with no additional unwanted bulk or fluff.

The least expensive, most effective comb picks are now the easiest to conceal and transport... keep them right on your keyring.  No only will security screening checkpoints often fail to notice them if you're entering a non-permissive facility, but you might even forget that they're there on your hip until the time comes that you need one!

Some folk report difficulty when attempting to use comb tools, especially at first, so Deviant shot this quick video explaining the technique and offering some tips.



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• Made in the USA