Cylinder Tail Cap Detents and Springs (two packs of 10 each)

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There are many among us who have been removing a screw cap from the rear side of a lock cylinder and, despite attempting to exercise care, have witnessed the small detent plunger go flying across our workbench, possibly never to be seen again.

Other times, one is carefully reassembling a lock after measuring the pins and measuring potential master depths only to discover that the tiny and hard-to-replace rear spring has gone missing.

For this reason, Red Team Tools reached out to Kaba Ilco directly and acquired a large lot of their tail-side detent plungers and associated springs.  Sold as they come from the OEM stock, these are available in 10-packs.  This item listing on our site is for a ten-pack of detent plungers combined with a ten-pack of rear-side mini springs.  It's not the worst idea to keep a spare set in your field bag if you are doing a lot of disassembly of locks during covert entry jobs or service calls.

NOTE: Tailside screw cap pictured in a few of the images is not included