Essential Lock Pick Set

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Specially designed by Red Team Tools for our re-launch, this new selection of picks is geared towards intro lock pickers and seasoned experts who need a quality, functional set capable of tackling most any challenge in the field.

  • Medium Round Nose Hook (a.k.a. the "Gonzo") in 0.025"
  • Euro Slim Line Short Hook (a.k.a. the "Slender") in 0.020"
  • Straight Shank Half Diamond in 0.025"
  • Four-Hump Bogota Style Wave Rake (a.k.a. the "Quad") in 0.025"
  • Five-Hump Tiny Bogota Style Wave Rake (a.k.a. the "Quint") in 0.025"
  • Three Double-Sided Turning Tools in 0.030" 0.040" and 0.050"

What have we changed?...

Rakes - While everyone still respects the triple hump Bogotá and single hump Knuckle for their classic lineage, most studies have shown that the Quad pick with four large humps is just as good if not superior in most door locks. We are now pairing that rake with the small-humped Quint, designed to help tackle smaller pins like those found in padlocks. Both of these rakes are in .025" steel for robust and rugged operation.

Hooks - We of course are keeping our classic Medium Hook which has been present in all of our pick sets from the beginning. But we are dropping the Deep Curve and ultra thin offset DeForest pick. Those will still be available as individual picks if you desire, sold separately, but for now we are pairing our classic workhorse Medium Hook in .025" with a Slender Hook in .020" for the times when you need that extra bit of maneuverability in tighter keyways. Many of you have gotten great at picking over the years or you have aspirations of carefully navigating tricky locks like your favorite pickers online... trust me, you're ready for an .020" pick in your hands should the situation call for it.

Half Diamond - Often dismissed or criticized as a jack of all trades but master of none, we did not want to leave you without this incredibly useful tool which can not only manipulate pins to achieve an opening, but can also help you explore, help you count stacks, and work in a pinch as a dimple lifter, and axial pin probe, and a tool for resetting or repairing locks when something has gone wrong. Our classic Half Diamond is still with us as ever in .025"

Turning Tools - These three double-ended turning tools feature large heads on one side for bottom of the keyway insertion and small heads on the other for top of keyway use. Why three? Because each tool is made of a different thickness of metal stock. The one with the red marker is the thinnest, the white marker comes next, and the blue marked turning tool can give a rock solid grip even in very wide domestic keyways.

If you miss any of the picks that you have seen us carry before, do not worry, they are still available to you elsewhere here on our site.

We are excited, however, to hear your thoughts and read your feedback about the Essential Lock Pick Set, whatever your skill level.

Our Essential Lock Pick set is proudly made entirely in the United States.