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Hammerless Hinge Pin Tool - Heavy Duty

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Removing the hinge pins from an outward-swing door is a valid -- if rather direct -- means of gaining illicit entry.  Unless the door and frame have been equipped with countermeasures (such as a security hinge, jamb pins, or a captive pin) this is often a very effective tactic.  In some instances, this tactic can even provide greater access to plunger-based or magnetic door position sensors.

Of course, the removal of hinge pins is typically accomplished with large hand tools:  a hammer and a punch.  This innovative spring tool design, however, requires no bulky or blunt objects to be swung.  Simply extend the two halves apart and let go, allowing the snap-action to deliver a blow from the lower block right into the small punch tip.  This style of tool was originally popularized by Deviant Ollam and Lock Picking Lawyer in this video, but the version for sale on Red Team Tools is a new "heavy duty" variant which delivers more kinetic impact in a similar-sized package.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created in the USA
• Made in the USA

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  • 5
    Hammerless Hinge Pin Tool

    Posted by Kris on Mar 10th 2022

    Very happy with the quality of this tool. Seems well made. Particularly happy that there is a lanyard hole on the back end. Great product, delivered in a timely manner; can't ask for anything more.

  • 5
    An absolute must-have for any homeowner, even one not specializing in security!!!

    Posted by Sean Skyhawk on Nov 12th 2021

    What amazes me more than anything is that this kind of thing is not commonly sold in Lowe's or Home Depot. It should, it ABSOLUTELY should. I only got this today and already I see it as a godsend I wish I bought earlier BEFORE I did home renovation. Ever had those instances when you had to remove the door to move furniture out or expand your working space? This thing is your answer. I can't believe this isn't a staple in the hard-working American's toolkit. As a side note, it could get you out of a pinch in case your car hits the water and you need to bust the window. I mean this thing is freaking POWERFUL. An S-tier product if I've ever seen any from this site, DeviantOllam knows his stuff!

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