Lever Door Handle Shroud Guard

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Many of you are familiar by now with how effective the Under Door Tool attack is as a methof of gaining entry to locked rooms.  There are some ways of trying to prevent this tactic from succeeding, but most of these defenses are either large and cumbersome (i.e. installation of a semi-morticed articulating door bottom guard) or they are impractical or prohibited by legal code (i.e. use of a deadbolt or other blocker mechanism).

This unobtrusive and subtle door handle shroud gaurd device, however, can be installed on a wide variety of doors using either screws or double-stick tape (not included) and in many instances it can dramatically frustrate an attacker and reduce the practicality of an Under Door Tool attack.

NOTE - These shroud guards are not guaranteed to fit perfectly on every style of door handle and they are not guaranteed to absolutely prevent someone from employing an Under Door Tool successfully, but in many instances they can raise your defensive posture considerably without great hassle or expense.  If you add one of these to your order and discover that it isn't quite the right fit with your door hardware, please feel free to reach out and ask us about a return if desired.



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