Lishi Key Cutter Pliers

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20.00 Ounces
4.00 (in)
1.50 (in)
8.00 (in)

This handheld tool allows someone to rapidly make V-shaped cuts on many key blades in the field with no electric power need and to do so virtually silently.  Originally designed for automotive locksmiths, this tool can also cut into the key blades of conventional door keys and padlock keys, as well.

When used in conjunction with our "Key Cutter Adapter" guides, available separately, these can produce keys almost as quickly and reliably as the venerable (but now sadly unavailable) Pak-A-Punch tool from A-1 Security Manufacturing.

NOTE 1: Most door and padlock keys are produced with a cutter wheel that has either a 110-degree or 115-degree cutter wheel angle.  These key cutter pliers are designed with a 90-degree cutting angle, producing a sharper and tighter cut.  This can make some keys feel more challenging to insert and remove from some locks and can also reduce the tolerable MACS value for certain systems.  Hand-finishing with an impressioning file in order to ease any sharp edges or trouble spots on a key can be a beneficial practice after you've made your primary cuts with this tool.

NOTE 2: The case in which these Cutter Pliers are packaged was designed for shipping protection only during transit from the Lishi factory in China.  It is not designed for long-term storage and field use.  Many cases arrive from China with small cracks and others develop cracks or signs of wear when shipping these Cutter Pliers to customers.  We recommend storing and keeping this tool in a more robust case if you plan on using it for field work.