MagSquare Slippers

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All MagSwitch products sold by Red Team Tools now include our plastic "MagSlipper" covers to protect door frames and other surfaces from scratches and visual damage.  If you have purchased a MagSquare from us in the past or if you've acquired one from another vendor, we now offer these plastic slip-on covers for the most popular sizes of MagSquare.

These are 3D printed and the polymer plastic should greatly reduce the chance of damaging doors, frames, or other surfaces where you might apply a MagSwitch.  Using a MagSquare without any such protection allows its sharp-edged metal surface to scratch paint and scrape wood.

In the past, our team and other field consultants might opt to wrap their MagSquare with painter's tape.  That's still an option, but if you're looking for something more robust and permanent, our MagSlippers are built for this task.

NOTE - These are designed to have a very snug fit and, once installed, they are not trivial to remove.  It can be done, of course, but these are designed principally with the aim of not slipping or falling off while in use, so expect them to be tight.

Given the way in which magnetic force diminishes quite significantly with distance, we designed our MagSlippers to be as thin as possible in order to not have a negative impact on the efficacy and pulling force of MagSwitch products.  The smallest Slippers have a bottom thickness of only two print layers.  (The 1,000 lb MagSquare Slipper has a bottom surface that is three layers thick, however.)

These items should withstand a good deal of rough handling but they are not designed to last forever if subject to repeated impacts.  It is always recommended that you have a MagSquare firmly in place on the surface where you intend to use it before activating the magnetic force, thus preventing loud and blunt "slamming" when of an active magnet being held near to a metal surface.  Not only can such slamming dent doors or door frames, it can also crack the MagSlippers.

This should be obvious, but this item listing is for the MagSlippers only.  MagSquares themselves, while pictured here, are not included.  Also note that if you purchase a MagSquare from Red Team Tools, we will include one compatible-sized MagSlipper for free with that item for you as part of that purchase.  No need to buy a Slipper separately in such a case!


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