MagSwitch MagSquare 400

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This remarkable product offers a whopping 400 lbs of pull strength in a package that is small and safe to handle!  Read on to learn how it works...

It has been known for some time that heavy duty magnets can be employed for bypass attacks against both mechanical locks and access control system hardware.  Whether you're attacking a legacy Kaba 1000-series Simplex push button door system or attempting to defeat the tamper sensor on an RFID reader as you remove it from the wall to install an ESPkey, high strength magnets can be a great boon!  But, carrying around large neodymium in your laptop bag or backpack can be tricky... they are can be dangerous if handled improperly and can cause your bag to stick to metal shelves or door frames which is sometimes hard to explain to those around you!

MagSwitch products are a revolutionary help to field teams for this reason.  They offer incredible pull strength, but are consisted of an array of magnets that can be rearranged internally by means of a large control handle.  This doesn't truly turn the magnets "off" (this is not an electromanget, it's entirely passive) but in a feat of cool engineering... these work by arranging the magnets into destructive arrangement with one another, effectively collapsing the magnetic field to a size that is smaller than the housing of the tool itself.

MagSwitch products are therefore much safer to carry and deploy while sill offering you enough pull strength to attack almost any magnetically-vulnerable security hardware you might encounter.