Quick Stick Bypass Knife

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Based on the keychain-sized Quick Stick bypass gadget, this tool incorporates the same 0.025 thick steel blade and sharp tip but affixes it to a full-length welded lockpick-style handle for greater ease-of-use.  Principally used to attack unshielded padlocks such as the Master 605 "trailer hitch" or "shutter" padlock or a wide array of laminated body padlocks from Brinks and other similar brands, we find this tool is similar to the "Master Switch" or "Silver Bullet" type tools, but easier to carry in a conventional pick kit.

Made here in the USA by suppliers who make plenty of the other picks and tools we love to stock on this site, we're happy to bring this bypass tool to you at a great price!



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created in the USA
• Made in the USA