Smartphone Macro Lens with Stand

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In the past, it has been customary to use small pocket microscope tools or illuminated handheld magnifiers when inspecting the blade of a key for scratch marks during impressioning attacks or when looking closely at lock components during forensic investigation.  While such magnifiers can work, Deviant and many of the students he has taught in RTA classrooms describe the fatigue and hassle associated with hunching over to peer into tiny magnifiers.

After experimenting with the use of clip-on magnifying macro lenses for smartphones, we believe that these may offer some of the best user experience possible during impressioning attacks and other precision lock related work.  This macro lens comes with an included spring clip that adjusts in several ways in order to properly fit on the widest variety of smartphones and tablets.  We also include a small folding stand that you can use to prop up your device, turning it into a desktop magnifier with a beautiful, illuinated screen.

Give this a try during your impressioning attacks or other field work... we bet you won't be let down!



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