Smartphone Telephoto 18x Zoom Lens

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You've seen the Red Team Tools smartphone attachment macro lens for close-up examination of objects in forensic work or impressioning attacks.  This is a companion product, focused on long-range photography.  This telephoto zoom lens can be clipped onto a conventional smartphone in order to convert it into an erzatz surveillance and observation tool.

Whether you're doing covert field work, helping a buddy spot where their rounds are impacting on a distant shooting target, or you're simply taking wildlife photos on a hike... this lens offers a decent balance of quality, functionality, and price.  You can adjust the focal length to dial in clear photos at a wide range of distances.

Is this equivalent to a 400mm or 800mm prime lens like one sees in Red Team Alliance surveillance classes?  Of course not.  But it also doesn't several thousand dollars.  The best camera to use for field work is the one you've got on you.  And this lens allows the phone in your pocket to be pressed into service without great added bulk in your field bag.

In addition to the included smartphone mounting clip (which can slide to a wide range of positions and opening sizes in order to work with essentialy every smartphone currently on the market, regardless of where the built in lenses are) this product also has an included eye cup.  Swap the mounting clip for the eye cup to use this telephoto lens as a hand-held monocular.