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RTT Traveler Hook (a.k.a. Latch Bypass Tool / Shrum Tool), 2 in

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2.00 Ounces

The Traveler Hook become a favorite of many locksmiths and penetration testers due to Deviant Ollam and some of his colleagues and peers promoting its utility in lectures and lessons.  It is a strong but small hook with a sharp tip and is quite useful for loiding doors, reaching hard to access spots, or just generally poking around.

These videos demonstrate the efficacy of having such an item in your kit when you’re on a job...

Sadly, the original manufacturer of the Traveler Hook opted to stop production of ths product, leading to it disappearing from catalogs and inventory bins across the internet in 2023.  Red Team Tools, recognizing the industry's need for such a device, opted to produce them ourselves so that this useful bit of kit can once again be included in folks' gear bags.  Our new version consists of the same dimensions of shaft and angled head as the original tool, but with a more ergonomic handle that includes a thermoplastic rubber overmold layer on top of the conventional red polypropylene.  The handle also incorporates a lanyard loop if you wish to adapt the tool for better retention in order to prevent droppage or loss, or to insert an additional rod in order to afford greater torque force if a latch is particularly hard to move.

This listing is the "standard" 2 inch long steel version of this tool.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed by Our Team
• Manufactured Under Contract Overseas According to Our Specifications

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