Air Canister Refill Kit

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Many of you got excited when Red Team Tools announced a specialized device for attacking Request-to-Exit (REX) sensors with a blast of super cold air. This tactic has been known for some time, but having the means of concealing such a tool in a pocket or even in the palm of one's hand, however, takes it to a whole new level.

The small canisters of r134a were interesting to many professional entry teams, but their single-use nature made them perhaps less suited to folk operating on a tighter budget.  We've got a solution for that now, however... This add-on kit consists of a set of valves and seals which can convert your existing small air canisters into ones that you can refill yourself, virtually indefinitely.

This kit contains:

  • five ball valves
  • five acorn nuts
  • five o-ring seals
  • a roll of PTFE gas seal tape

You can upgrade our Gas Cylinders or modify and upgrade many other similar, smaller cylinders available on the open market.  Deviant Ollam released a video showcasing the refilling process and it is a procedure that is simple enough to perform in your home office or even a field position like a hotel room.

NOTE: Red Team Tools has done extensive testing of these parts and found that they are suitable for safely storing compressed Difluoroethane and Tetrafluoroethane for at least 48 hours if used according to our guidelines and directions.  As with all compressed gas storage products, seals and insulating tape must be applied properly and judiciously to prevent leaks.

WARNING: While it is perfectly legal to fly with a compressed gas cylinder that is depressurized and has its valve open, it violates FAA rules to have a compressed gas cylinder in your checked luggage or carry-on luggage.  If you are using our Air Nozzle head or Compressed Gas Cylinders for a work assignment to which you are traveling via plane, please follow all relevat laws and policies.  Travel with your canister open and depressurized, and then use this Refill Kit to prepare your tools on-site at your destination.



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