Canisters of r134a for REX Sensor Triggering

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After months of research and negotiation with a gas supplier, Red Team Tools is prepared to offer a tool that will allow professional entry teams, first responders, and security testers the means of triggering passive infrared Request-to-Exit (REX) sensors through the use of r134a tetrafluoroethane in a palm-sized package.

Our Air Canister Nozzle Head tool (available separately) can accept these threaded canisters of refrigerant gas and produce small clouds of very cold air that can often unlock electronically-controlled doors and in many cases prevent the activation of alarms and alerts within access control systems.

The gas in these canisters, while it is a refrigerant, has negligible ozone depletion potential and only one tenth the GWP of other more hazardous refrigerants.  It also has the benefit of being non-flammable... the same cannot be said for the more typically used difluoroethane contained in canned air spray dusters.  R134a is commonly used as a propellant for airsoft guns (as a substitute for flammable green gas) and as a propellant for some medical inhalers.

These canisters are bayonet-style and their threaded tops are designed to be pierced by the nozzle head adapter when it is being screwed into place.  Once exhausted, it is possible to make these canisters refillable using our Air Canister Refill Kit, avaiable separately.  But for most entry teams, these will likely be considered consumable items.

Please be aware of the following caveats...

1. These are for sale domestically, shipping only within the United States at the present time.  We do not have logistics in place to manage international customs and requirements related to compressed gas.  If you mistakenly attempt to order these to an international address, your transaction will be canceled and refunded, minus any merchant bank processing fees.

2. Even though these are not hazardous material, given that they are compressed gas they can ship via ground service only.  If you place an order and accidentally choose something other than ground shipping, you are still going to receive these via ground shipping.


Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created by Our Team
• Manufactured Under Contract Overseas According to Our Specifications