Glow Rod Plug Follower Tool

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There are many plug followers on the market.  Some are very useful, others are outright terrible, but none of them available today truly checked all the boxes for us at Red Team Tools.  Some follower tools are hollow which allows plenty of light to pass through to your work space but -- being hollow -- they are infuriating to use.  The HPC EZ Loader tool is a pleasure to use, but since it is made of solid metal it blocks out all light inside of a lock housing, making visibility a challenge.  The metal construction can also introduce concerns about forensic mark contamination if a lock is being disassembled for evidence collection purposes.

The designers at Red Team Tools (working with feedback from many of the students who take classes at Red Team Alliance) have worked exentsively with translucent acrylic materials and experimented with revisions to designs and this is the result: a plug follower which is effective, which is convenient, and --most importantly-- which allows light to easily enter your workspace inside the housing.

The translucent nature of these acrylic tools allows them to either collect ambient light from your workspace area or, if more illumination is needed, you can place a small flashlight or your smartphone LED on the table where you're working to direct even more brightness your way.

Sometimes we produce batches of these tools in a neon green color when rod stock is available in the right diameter while other times batches are produced using frosted white/clear colored rod, but both have the same 1/2" diameter making them suitable for use in systems like Schlage, Kwikset, Sargent, Corbin/Russwin, Yale, etc.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created by Our Team
• Made in the USA