Fuel Rod BEST Core Tool

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Interchangable Core lock systems are common in institutional enviroments.   While the removable nature of these lock cores makes management of large enerprise systems easier, sometimes it can result in situations where a lock cylinder is removed from a door entirely and left lacking.

In such instances, how is one supposed to operate the lock mechanism and use the door?  Enter: our BEST Core Tool, nicknamed the "Fuel Rod" becuase of its radioactive glowing color.  This can be inserted into the blank hole in a lock housing when an SFIC core has been removed and interface with the two-prong tail cam attachment, making the lockwork and the door operable again.

We designed this tool to give you some extra value and, while not exactly necessary, we have turned down the other side of the tool to a smaller diameter in order to make it functional as a BEST SFIC plug follower.  Now, yes, in most situations the servicing of an SFIC cylinder is done using a pinning annex... but maybe you're in some bizzare situation and do not have access to one.  Penetration Testing is an industry of edge cases, after all!  So we wanted to add a little more value and we have machined this to act as a follower with a pin loading slot, etc.  (The slot on that end of the tool can also accomodate a coin or other object in case a little more torque is needed when using the BEST Core Tool to operate a door.)



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• Designed & Created by Our Team
• Made in the USA