Hamsa Cabinet Jigglers

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Jiggler tools have long been a favorite of pen testers, police, repossession agents, and others who seek a quick method of opening wafer locks. Filing cabinets, access panels, and even car doors are often vulnerable to attack with jiggler tools.

Red Team Tools has been selling our popular "covert" jigglers since our inception, but a colleague and long-time friend of our team, Hamsa, offered up a redesign of several popular jiggler profiles in an even smaller format.  These tools -- which are scaled down approximately 15% to 20% from our full size jiggler profile shapes -- are very effective when attacking smaller locks like those found on cabinets and compact containers.

NOTE - Seen here organized and affixed to one another with a grommet, this is a popular way of storing and carrying jiggler sets that we are experimentally trying but at the present time not all of our sets come packaged in this manner.  Customers are of course easily able to apply a grommet themselves if they wish.