Lock Opening Lipstick (Shim Holder and Disassembly Tool, Shims Included)

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Rear-shimming a lock cylinder in order to open it in a graceful and forensically subtle manner is a tactic taught to students in Red Team Alliance Covert Methods of Entry classes.  But while this tactic is useful, actually carrying cylinder shims in one's kit can be a challenge... they are small, fragile, and easily lost or damaged.

This utility keychain, nicknamed the "Lipstick" tool, is simultaneously able to act as:

  1. A storage container for your cylinder shims
  2. A disassembly tool for removing KIK tailcaps
  3. A shim holder for assisting in the placement and use of these thin and finnicky slips of metal

This product was designed by Tony Virelli of 3D Locksport and Devian Ollam of Red Team Tools and Red Team Alliance.  While it is found in both companies' catalogs, the Red Team Tools version of this useful little device is available in four color choices...

  • Red Queen
  • Badgrrl Blue
  • Exciting Eggplant
  • Goth Goddess

Choose the hue that best suits your skin tone and pick kit accessories!  Comes with beaded chain and five cylinder shims included.  Additional cylinder shims are available separately.  A video showcasing this tool and how to use it can be seen here.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created by Our Team
• Made in the USA