MikeDev Compact Lock Stand (set of two)

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There are many, many lock stands and lock holders on the market.  Our good friends at 3D Locksport offer a variety of hardware in this vein.  But sometimes, you just need something VERY compact and simple.

Deviant Ollam was conducting a workshop with a large group of students at a school and knew that the cost and complexity of many larger lock stands and table vices would not be feasible in that environment.  So, working with a colleague named MikeD, this ultra-small Key-In-Knob cylinder holder was born.

Designed with slight "V" notches and tapers, in order to acheive a snug fit on a wide range of manufacturer's parts, the MikeDev stand incorporates three distinct ways to be affixed to a tabletop or workbench:

  1. a pair of screwholes allow the user to affix the stand directly to a surface if you don't mind drilling pilot holes for fasteners into the top of your workbench
  2. a recess on the bottom side of the stand can accommodate a small magnet (not included) to affix the stand to a metal surface
  3. the front lip of the stand is made specifically in a way to accept the application of a large binder clip which may attach the stand to a workbench or tabletop provided it is not much thicker than 3/4"

These stands have been a big success at the first few workshops where they have appeared.  Their compact size and low cost makes them feasible to use for educational groups, schools, or others who have limited budget and limited space.

If you are in charge of lockpicking workshops or meetup sessions and you don't want to require everyone involved to merely hold the locks in their bare hands, this little stand might be a helpful option for you!

These are sold as a set, with two stands in this package.



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