Progressive Training Lock Set

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Progressive training locks have become a very popular way to learn about lockpicking and improve one's skills. This set of locks is used in Red Team Alliance training courses because it progressively gets harder for both picking and impressioning.

The locks contain not only increasing numbers of pin stacks, but they also start to introduce pick-resistant drives as one proceeds through the set attempting manipulation or raking attacks.

For impressioning practice, the locks initially contain exclusively nickel-silver key pins (the harder metal marks well against the brass of a key blank) but one will encounter plain brass pins as you progress to higher number locks.  Since brass key pins are softer, they will make more subtle marks during impressioning, forcing a closer inspection of the key blank during the process.

NEW - This set of locks includes a set of pre-scored key blanks to assist you with impressioning.

As this set of practice locks has evolved, a change that Deviant incorporated into the design is that one of the locks is master-keyed.  You can now practice master key decoding and picking of a master-keyed cylinder.  Here's hoping you do not accidentally dump out any small mastering pins while you rotate the plug!

NEW - This set of locks also includes a working change key that can operate one of the lock cylinders.  If you can decode what would be the top master key of this lock system, that key bitting (without spaces or dashes) can be used as a discount code on the site!  ;-)

ALSO - An assortment of spare parts and assorted pins is included, so that users may reconfigure and re-pin their locks, creating newer and harder challenges as their skills progress.