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Quick-Connect Impressioning Head

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You've seen the Red Team Tools Quick-Connect Tubular Pick.  This is a follow-up item, made to use the same style of external handle which many field technicians now have in their kits because of us.

Key impressioning -- the art of making small binding/rubbing marks on the blade of a prepared blank and then carefully observing those marks in order to fabricate a working key for a lock without ever seeing the inside of the mechanism or being on the inside of the secured space being attacked -- generally requires a large and robust handle with which to grip the key in question.  Even the most compact impressioning grip handle is generally the size of a shop screwdriver.

So we thought: since many red teamers already carry a screwdriver, typically one which accepts interchangeable bits, why not creat only the important working head of an impressioning grip and allow folk to use the ergonomic and robust handles that they are already carrying in their field bags?  Thus, our Quick-Connect Impressioing Head was born.

With six individual grub screws, this tool affords even better bite on a key blank than many of the popular impressioning grips currently on the market.  It also features a screw-on peg that can be inserted into any of the six holes for the addition of greater torque control.  All screws and pegs can be tightened using the included miniature allen key, which remains securely snug on the tool itself thanks to the two incorporated neodymium magnets.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed & Created by Our Team
• Made in the USA

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