Wheel Bar a.k.a. Johnson Bar [New Design]

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NOTE: Red Team Tools has updated this item as of December 2022 and now the tool is stronger and more compact with collapsible design.  The "swiveling head" has also been changed to a fixed head, making the tool much easier to use.  We like the new version of our Wheel Bar and we hope that you will, too!

Many of you are familar with the tactic of removing a door's hinge pins (either with hand tools or with our Hammerless Hinge Pin tool) if they are exposed on the secure side of a wall, but what happens once you've gotten the pins out and freed the door to move?

Until you've tried it, you may not realize just how unwieldy and challenging a door can be to slide free from the frame, especially if it's a heavy commerical door.  Attempting this by oneself without assistance can be a devastating challenge.

This wheel bar (also sometimes referred to as a Johnson Bar) is used to lift and move heavy objects like doors or furniture, even if you're just one person attempting to do this by yourself.  Red Team Tools recommends applying either gaffer's tape or even possibly grip tape to the lifting surface, depending on the type of door you're attempting to move.  (Bear in mind, this may cause minor surface wear to the bottom edge of the door.)

Once all hinges have their pins removed, insert the wheel bar beneath the door to balance and lift that heavy object as you pull toward yourself on one of the hinges either using a traveler hook or using the tip of one of the hinge pins that you removed.  A video showcasing this tactic can be seen here.