Bump Key: Kwikset "Super Bump" Universal Key

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Bump keys sold by Red Team Tools are produced to our unique specification based around code-cutting each bitting position slightly deeper than the maximum factory depth.

This is a specially-modified Kwikset KW11 blank that goes beyond the traditional bump key design.  Based upon research into all varieties of Kwikset locks, this is a key designed to perform bumping attacks against KW1 (5-pin) cylinders, KW5 (6-pin) cylinders, and KW10 "Titan" cylinders with a special "front" pin.  It is for this reason that this unique bump key has what appears to be an excessive number of bitting cuts made across its blade.

In certain circumstances, especially in cases where only a 5-pin cylinder is being approached, it may be best to install either 1 or even possibly 2 bump-assisting rubber padding rings up around the collar of the key, just below the bow.

While many Kwikset lock installs in the field are now using the SmartKey system -- a product line that is not succeptible to bumping since it does not have separate key pins and driver pins -- all other legacy Kwikset products using their classic keyway and conventional pin tumbler design should be vulnerable to bumping attacks with this single key.

A more detailed explanation and demonstration of the use of this key can be seen in this video.

All bump keys purchased from Red Team Tools have one of our Bump Key Bands included for free.  Additional bags of Bump Key Bands are listed separately.



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