Bump Key: Schlage "Super Bump" Universal Key

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Bump keys sold by Red Team Tools are produced to our unique specification based around code-cutting each bitting position slightly deeper than the maximum factory depth.  Furthermore, this is a specially-modified Schlage SC20 blank that goes beyond the traditional bump key design.  By adding an additional "phantom" cut out at a hypothetical 7th bitting position, the tip of this key does not have the often-seen "shark tooth" peak which can interfere with certain bumping techinques.

Because this key is generated on the L profile SC20 blank, it can pass into all of Schlage's standard obverse keyways, from C through E, F, and G, including the other sub divisions of CE, EF, and FG.

Additionally, our Schlage "Super" Bump Key has additional cutting and milling done on both the key blade as well as the underside shoulder up into the bow itself... making more room for the use of our Bump Key Bands which both assist with the attack process and also prevent obvious damage to the front face of the lock being opened.

Red Team Tools reccomends that you always use at least one Bump Key Band when employing this style of modified Bump Key.  In certain circumstances, especially in cases where only a 5-pin cylinder is being approached, it may be best to 2 of those bump-assisting rubber padding rings up around the collar of the key, just below the bow.

This Schlage SC20 "Super" Bump Key includes two of our Bump Key Bands for free.  Additional bags of Bump Key Bands are listed separately.