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Fire Plug Repair & Upgrade Kits (set of five)

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Red Team Tools has been so pleased to offer our custom-designed "Fire Plug" tool to first responders in order to assist them with rapid entry into areas secured by large, round-body padlocks made in the style of AmericanLock 700 series padlocks.  By means of a semi-destructive attack against the padlock's bottom cover plate, fire crews and other first responders can quickly eject the lock's core and manipulate the actuator cam cylinder inside with our Fire Plug tool, instantly opening the lock.

But what happens afterward?  The fact is, much of the padlock is still functional.  The body, the shackle and even the pins and springs within the lock cylinder are generally likely to be undamaged by this entry technique.  (Hence why it is described merely as a "semi" destructive attack.)

If the responding crew wishes to afford the customer, tenant, or property owner the means of quickly and easily putting the disabled padlock back into service, all that is needed is usually a replacement bottom cover plate and compatible nut and screw fasteners.

This Red Team Tools listing is for a set of five baggies, each of which contains those spare parts.  For less than the cost of a glass of rail-caliber whiskey, a padlock can usually be restored to full functionality, with the original key still working.

Be aware, that while most no-name brands offering clones of the AmericanLock 700 series padlocks tend to copy the original design closely enough that these parts will fit without difficulty, there is always the possibility of a third party clone padlock out there somewhere which can not adequately accommodate factory-original AmericanLock replacement parts like the ones sold in this set.

The hardware in this kit is for the "large" size bottom cover plates found on large, round-body padlocks that are made in the style of AmericanLock 700 series padlocks.  It is possible to perform the Fire Plug attack on smaller, square-body padlocks (which are made in the style of AmericanLock 1100, 1200, 1300, or 5000-series padlocks) but the bottom cover plate is smaller on those locks and cannot be repaired or upgraded using the parts in this set.  Red Team Tools may offer repair/upgrade parts for such locks in future.



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• Manufactured Under Contract Overseas According to Our Specifications

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