HID iCLASS RWK400 Revision A Credential Reader/Writer (pair)

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Red Team Tools has a limited supply of these discontinued HID readers and we are making them available to RFID hackers and researchers who know and understand their capability.  These are not just any old iCLASS credential readers.

These readers, in addition to being (obviously) keypad-equipped, are no longer produced Revision A iCLASS readers.  This first generation of reader is what was used by Milosch Meriac in his original Heart of Darkness attack against the iCLASS framework.  These specific readers are highly sought by researchers and are advantageous to hardware hackers because they use terminal block connectors and also are compatible with the now-deprecated iCLASS serial protocol that allows for easy bidirectional communication with iCLASS cards over RS232.

None of the original pioneering work that was done to uncover the iCLASS encryption keys and transport keys would have been possible without readers such as these.  If you are seeking to reverse and examine the iCLASS credential framework yourself, either to replicate Milosch's work or to build upon it, then readers such as these may be of interest to you.

These are sold in pairs, since two such readers are needed for the Heart of Darkness style attack against iCLASS systems.  These readers are no longer commercially available and once our supply of them is exhausted, this item will likely disappear from our shop.