Forensic Collection Set

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Evidence collection during forensic investigations requires that all samples collected from a lock are packaged and cataloged in a way that preserves all details and allows the primary investigator or any follow-up investigators to reconstruct the original hardware for their own independent analysis.

This means, as tedious as it sounds, that all parts of a lock must be stored separately.  Every pin, every spring, ever spare part.  This means a lot of small baggies with labels.

While you could use conventional, full-size evidence bags for each teeny part... that is both wasteful and costly.

The Red Team Tools Forensic Collection Set includes 100 plastic baggies of small size (2" x 3") and durable thickness (4 mil) along with 99 evidence labels that allow a field tecnichian to distinguish each individual part being cataloged.  Additionally, a chain of custody label is also included which can be applied to any larger bag or box that you may opt to use to contain these individual small bags.

Red Team Tools encourages all parties interested in this discipline to look into the ALOA International Association of Investigative Locksmiths for training and accreditation in the field of forensic locksmithing, as they are the premiere body of this knowledge and expertise.