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Improved Pocket-Sized Tubular Key Cutter

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Here's one that's been in the making for a while... you may have seen Deviant Ollam talk about this project in some of his lectures, particularly when discussing tubular locks and keys.

There are a handful of machines to cut and produce tubular keys (also known as "Chicago" keys or "ACE" keys or "barrel" keys) but they tend to all be (a) large desktop models, (b) expensive, (c) limited in functionality, or (d) some combination of several of those hinderances.

The Red Team Tools new and improved tubular key cutter clears all of those hurdles.  Not only is this terrific key cutter capable of producing both 7-pin and 8-pin tubular keys with precision, it does so in a package that fits easily in a pocket or small field bag without breaking the bank.

Our tubular key cutter is fully field-servicable and can be disassembled for adjustment and gauging.  It includes two distinct cutter shafts, which allow the user to decide the radius size of their desired bitting cuts.  Our custom-milled central post includes all eight position holes and two distinct spline channel cuts, allowing key blanks to be mounted for either 7-position or 8-position cutting.  (In this way, "7-pin offset" style keys can also be produced easily, as well.)

In addition to our custom-designed and frabricated metal components that make up the body of this tool, Red Team Alliance has also created and produced additional included polymer accessories such as a small "key hat" that greatly increases user comfort and also an integrated tubular key bitting gauge installed in the operating handle.

We can confidently say that this product is all meat, no filler, and at a price that beats effectively every competing tubular key cutter on the market right now.



Tool Origin Breakdown...
• Designed by Our Team
• Manufactured Under Contract Overseas According to Our Specifications
• Assembled in the USA

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