Key Mold and Cast Tray

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The technique of copying keys or other unique physical tokens by means of making an negative mold in a soft medium such as clay, then pouring hot melted metal into that mold is scary to some folk but it can produce incredible results.  For keys where the source blank is unavailable or the cutting/milling of the bitting requires a machine to which you do not have access (for example, rotating disk keys to Abloy Protec locks or curved dimple keys to Chinese "smiley" locks) this tactic is sometimes one of the only reliable methods for duplicating a key.

The Mold and Cast technique is showcased in this video here and while kits and supplies have been available from some vendors now and then, many such products have been made out of weak materials like plastic or other polymers.

The Mold and Cast trays produced by Red Team Tools are milled out of 6061 T6 aluminum and feature a contour design created by our engineers which offers strength plus the easy ability to smooth and carve the clay being used in the field.  Our trays feature a large, primary channel for taking an impression of the full blade of a key plus a secondary auxiliarry void that is thinner but deeper, which can be used to capture additional information such as key profile shape or to store small parts if necessary.

This tray is made in the United States.



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