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  • Magnetic Search Pole Magnetic Search Pole

    Magnetic Search Pole

    A magnetic pole detector is a tool used to view and identify the polarity of magnets.  Red Team operatives will often choose to use one when searching for the presence of magnetic-based devices such as door contact sensors.The detector consists of a bar...

  • Mini Jim Mini Jim

    Mini Jim

    A small breaching tool designed with concealment in mind. This is an excellent little tool for loiding doors and latches.NOTE: many field technicians opt to augment the handle of this tool with 550 paracord (not included) in various ways, as seen in the...

  • Flat Gaffer Tape

    Flat Gaffer Tape

    It’s undoubted that gaffer’s tape is an essential part of just about any tool bag or field kit. However, toting around a massive roll is rather impractical. This, however, is simply two yards of this fine adhesive wrapped around a solid plastic card...

  • Plastic Storage Tube

    Plastic Storage Tube

    This is the plastic tube typically included with our standard lock pick set and certain other tools.  We have extra and sometimes customers like to have a few spares, as well, to better manage and store their equipment.  While it may not be...

28 of 28 Items